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The Young Investigator Award Judicial Committee will select the 6 best submitted abstracts (3 clinical and 3 basic science), for competitive presentation (10 minutes presentation, 5 minutes discussion) at the annual meeting of the SSPR in New Orleans. Eligible studies should address a clinical or basic science problem, either diagnostic or therapeutic, with relevance to the field of pediatrics and should interest an audience of pediatric physicians/scientists.  

The nominee must be first author/presenter of the abstract accepted for presentation.
A letter from the senior investigator or sponsorthat includes a statement that the work was performed by the nominee and fully addresses the role the candidate had in the work must be sent to the SSPR President.

Any student, resident, fellow or junior faculty is eligible for the Young Investigator competition who:

  1. has performed the major portion of the investigation no later than 5 years following completion of a fellowship or postgraduate training;

  2. wishes to report on a problem related to pediatrics;

  3. has demonstrated that the work is scientifically important;

  4. has a sponsor who is a member of the SSPR; and

  5. has been directly responsible for the majority of the work presented (as corroborated by a Senior Investigator or Sponsor letter).  

Scope and Presentation  
The topic of the abstract may be of a clinical or basic science nature with relevance to the field of pediatrics. Two committees of three judges who are
  members of the SSPR will select three clinical and three basic science abstracts for presentation in the final competitions. Competitive presentation of each of the six finalists' papers (10 minutes in length with 5 minutes of discussion) will occur at the annual meeting of the SSPR. These presentations will constitute the "President's Young Investigator 90 Minutes" during the SSPR Plenary Session. Both abstracts selected and not selected for the Young Investigator Award final competition will remain eligible for presentation at the appropriate subspecialty session of the SSPR/AFMR/SSCI/APA.  

Submit an abstract using the electronic abstract form found on the AFMR website and rules applying to this abstract as defined by the American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR). Be sure to check the appropriate box on the website in order to be considered for the SSPR Young Investigator Award competition. The investigators whose abstracts are chosen for presentation during the Presidential Plenary Session will be notified. These six investigators will be required to submit an original manuscript including tables and graphs and a letter by a Senior Investigator or Sponsor confirming independent work on the project.
Each manuscript (approximately 20 pages in length exclusive of bibliography) should be organized in the format outlined in the instructions to authors of the journal Pediatric Research. Upon notification by the Society, finalists will be asked to mail manuscripts to the lead judge or to the SSPR President.

Criteria for Evaluation  
The winner of the Young Investigator Award will be determined by the scientific merit and originality of the research and the clarity of the oral presentation. The letter from the senior investigator or sponsor, the ability of the finalists to respond to questions and the data analysis in the manuscript will also be considered.

The six finalists whose abstracts are selected and who submit a manuscript will receive a check for $500. The 1st place winners in the clinical and basic science divisions will be determined after the oral presentation and all finalists will each receive a plaque at the SSPR Plenary Session.

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 Past Awardees


Basic Science




S. Bharwani


A. B. Bonner


Deepa Nagar


S. Somjee


Prameela Karimi, MD


Josh Koch, MD


Margarita Vasquez, MD


J.J. Visootsak, MD 


Don F. Meyn, MD


K.M. Kloepfer, MD 


 S. Vyas-Read


J. Moore, MD


 J. Mirpuri, MD


D. Halloran, MD

2011 B. Shivanna, MD   A. Weedn, MD


K. Langappan, MD


D. Kuehn, MD


Faizah Bhatti MD


Jay Malone MD

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